Kapitan Sino Chapter 21 [END]

We’ve finally reached the end of the journey with Captain Who. I hope you enjoyed it as much as we did translating it!

Chapter 21 [END]

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With the finishing of Captain Who, it is also about time we introduce our next project:

For B (or how love devastates 4 out of 5 of us) ! Click here to read the synopsis.

Sadly though, the chapters are pretty long (10-12k) so daily updates might not be feasible. However, the team promises to update at least twice a week, so please do stay tuned!

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Kapitan Sino Chapter 13

Kapitan Sino Chapter 13 is out now!

Chapter 13

BTW, we’ve been reading the reviews over at NU for Captain Who. It’s nice that a lot of people are liking the story, and thank you so much to those who complimented the translation effort! It’s all thanks to Mr. Bob Ong who has given the team great material to work with. We gave extra efforts on this one, hope you enjoy!